Reputable Rhinoplasty Surgeons Arizona

Society’s Acceptance of Plastic Surgery

Today, now so more than ever plastic surgery has become a beautiful phenomenon for many to flock to. Society is constantly changing and now it is all all too common for more and more people to not only be accepting of plastic surgery but to even recommend it to others. What was once something of embarrassment has now become so popular and mainstream that now if you ridicule some for choosing it to improve their appearance, you are seen as someone not in coherence with today’s way of modern living aka our modern day society. Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a common procedure in Arizona. It helps to reshape the nose through re-sizing the nostrils, nose-bridge, or tip. The benefits of getting rhinoplasty arizona is that it improves the symmetry of the face, which can overall make you look even more attractive. It has been well proven that the opposite sex is always more attracted to faces that bear more symmetry.

Picture of a girl getting rhinoplasty in arizona

Health Requirements

In addition, you have to be in good health to qualify for such a procedure. The recommended age is at least 15 years. This procedure takes several hours and the patient has to be under general anesthesia. There is the option of an open procedure where the incision occurs on the strips of tissue that separate the nostrils.

There is also a closed procedure where the incisions occur inside the nostrils. A closed procedure prevents scars from showing on the outside. These two procedures lift the soft tissue on the nose and remodel the cartilage.

Post Results

Just like any other surgical procedure, rhinoplasty results in pain and swelling for a number of weeks. The doctor may insert tubes to support the nose as it heals and prescribe some painkillers. The nose becomes sensitive for the first year but completely heals after this.

Here’s a video of someone posting their real life results.


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